International Dj and label head of KUMQUAT rec., native from the beautiful city of Prague (Czech Rep.), Ondrej have been refugee in Switzerland since his early childhood. When Switzerland swept up in the first techno-wave in the 90s, was the urban culture diversity in Zurich what influenced his destiny on the electronic music and the inspiration for his graphic art.

Renowned by his impeccable technique of mixing, which keeps a constant tension in the dance floor, Ondrej is an obsessive researcher of new sound and every set is a varied expression: atmospheric or hypnotic, deep or sensitive upon his mood. But unique ones, without any rule or limit. Indeed a set of Ondrej is an amalgam of House and Techno varying genres according the moment: tech-house, minimal, dub–techno.

His Dj background shows massive events such as editions of Street Parade (Zurich, CH); Love Parade (Dortmund, GE), Vuuv Festival (Berlin, GE); Sonar (Barcelona, ES); Fête de la Musique (France); GET Up! Festival, Electrohm (France) , also in prestigious clubs such as Renaissance (Russia); Les Enfants Terribles, Zanzibar (Mauritius) Floral Club, Terminal Club, Loud Mansion (Athens, GR); Batofar, La Scene Bastille, Bateau Nix Nox, Batofar (Paris, Fr.); Roxy (Prague), etc. South America received Ondrej in many occasions performing in hype clubs/events such as Privilege BA, Shamrock, Kika, Dorian Gray, Happy Sundays party, Casa de Piedra (Argentina); Good Vibes, SAMC, A la Casa Fantasma (Uruguay) among others.

Ondrej shared line up with renowned artists so far such as: Jonas Kopp (Traut, OstgutTon), Sety (Circus Company), Marcel Dettman (Ostgut Ton), Steffi (Ostgut Ton, Panorambar), ND-Baumbecker (Ostgut Ton), Ernesto Ferreyra (Cadenza), Franco Cinelli (Esperanza), Patrick Zigon (Cocoon), Jorge Savoretti (M-nus, Savor), Gregorythme-Digitaline (Cityfox), Lutzenkirchen (Great Stuff), Prime Time (Goodlife), Oliver Klein (Mutekki), Oliver Koletzki (Stil Vor Talent), Alexis Cabrera (Arjaus), Lucas Mari (AirDrop), and more.

His label KUMQUAT rec. distinguishes for its diversity giving shape to a unique artistic project committed to delivering high-class music, on a sophisticated packaging and excellent sound quality.
The musical platform edits on vinyl and digital format and compiles records of talented credible producers such as: Jonas Kopp, Broombeck, Franco Cinelli, Brendon Moeller, Mike Shannon, Exercise One, Jorge Savoretti, Gurtz, Wandler, Flavio Etcheto, Khainz, Tolis Q & Ad Mark, Soundexile, Alexis Cabrera, Juan Zolbaran, Logiztik Sounds, Greenbeam & Leon etc...

Supports and charts are from the top references suchs as: Adam Beyer, Dubfire, Luciano, David Squillace, Nick Warren, Len Faki, Troy Pierce, Ben Klock, Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo, Lucy, Alexi Delano, among many others.

Nowadays KUMQUAT contains a booking section (KumQuat Bookings) and a multimedia & graphic design agency (Triphaseproject), both projects successfully implemented by Ondrej.

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KumQuat Bookings is the artistic management and a bookings platform dedicated to the label. With the purpose of consolidating the label musical projects and responding to our Djs and producers’ interests, we work joined to artists and promoters for mutual support. Conscious that every event and promotional action is unique and important, we are an “it solution” and support for you. From the concept idea until the decks, every step can be arranged by Kumquat Bookings for the success of your event.

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